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E-car charging point

E-car charging point

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Our prices

 Ask for an actual offer by email.

Our prices may differ from those given below.

We will send you an accurate offer by email on request.

All apartments have free Wi-Fi options.

Breakfast or half board is available on request. There are two partner restaurants 20 and 100 meters away.



Yellow apartments for 2-3 people

The Yellow Apartment House has several separate, fully equipped deluxe apartments with separate entrances, which have a nice garden connection or a spacious balcony.

Peak season:

DELUXE APARTMENTS  (address: Tulipán utca 1)

from 01. April to 06. November 17 EUR/person/night ( min. For 2 Persons) the Apartment is only 34 EUR/night. ( 2 people)

except long weekends.  (Special holidays in Hungary lasting 3-4 days)


Tulip guest house for 6-8 people (family, friends) together. The Tulipán apartment house has 3.5 separate deluxe rooms with separate entrances, which have a nice garden connection and a shared family kitchen.

 TULIPAN APARTMENT  (address: Tulipán utca 2 ) the whole house has 3 rooms

Peak season: DELUXE ROOM.  from 01. April to 06. November 17 EUR/person/night  For 2 Persons the room is only 34 EUR/night. ( 2 people) The whole house for 3x2 people 102 Eur./ night.

except long weekends.  (Special holidays in Hungary lasting 3-4 days)

on holidays or high season prices are + 10% higher




in the pre-season  or off-season prices are - 10% cheaper

Our special price if you pay in cash during pre-season or off-season 07.th November – 31.th  March,  15,5 EUR/night/person (min 3 nights)

except between 18.th December and 10.th  January and other holidays.


(min 7 nights) 31  EUR/room/night. (2 people) The whole house for 3x2 people 93 Eur./ night. Exception 04.01.- 18.12. and other holidays.


Tourist tax: from the age of 18 + 1,75 EUR/ person / night.

Our prices include the energy costs, the use of sheets and the final cleaning.

Security deposit 50 Euro / apartment or room

Use of Air Conditioning +3 Euro / day.

We allow a discount of - 50-70 % for the children (4-12 years old).

We are looking forward to our dear guests all year round!


 Our new service - Charging of electric vehicles.




Pay, zahlen, ceny

Booking, enquiries

If you'd like to make a booking or you're just interested, please fill in the form below! Please give us your email address or phone number and we'll answer you shortly!

Filling in this form is NOT an obligatory booking!

Apartman Dávid - Bükfürdő

9740 - Bükfürdő
Tulipán utca 1.
Tulipán utca 2.

Hungary / Ungarn / Maďarsko

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