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E-car charging point

E-car charging point

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Our new service!

Charging of electric vehicles. You always need to bring your own cable, we only provide the possibility of charging.

In our apartment houses it is possible to charge with AC charging and alternating current. In this case, charging is performed by the on-board charger built into the car.

The simplest solution is to charge from a professionally connected, high-quality 220 V socket.

Of course, our wall charger, the Go-e charger is faster, more powerful and safer than the previously mentioned one.

In addition, a 3-phase industrial socket is available with a power of 22 KW with a current of 3x32A.

From a 1-phase 220 V socket the maximum charging power is 3.6 kW/h, a 3-phase 3x32A 380 V industrial socket the maximum charging power is 22 KW/h

From a 3-phase 3x32A 380 V wall charger, the maximum charging power is 22 KW/h. Here you can adjust the charging power on the wall charger. Its current consumption can be adjusted between 6A and 32A and can be used with one or three phases with a power of 0-22 KW/h.

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